The Materials Research Exchange & Investor Showcase was the largest and finest materials innovation event of 2018.

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The UK is an acknowledged global hub of excellence in materials research and know-how. The importance of advanced materials as one of the technologies for future growth will propel the UK economy to future success. 

MRE2018 demonstrated the groundbreaking new materials and processes to industry to accelerate the process of taking these through to commercialisation. MRE2018 was a unique two day exhibition and conference, which showcased the richness of the UK materials innovation and provided an excellent platform to help develop commercial success of UK-generated materials research and innovation.

MRE2018 was the largest and finest materials innovation event of the year, designed BY those working in materials FOR the materials sector, to engage with key application sectors in the UK and beyond!

Attendees heard from some of the UK’s leading innovators, investors and experts in a programme that was designed to showcase cutting-edge innovation across key supply chains through different sectors. Amongst a number of talks from government, industrialists and academics, a range of universities and research organisations were exhibiting. 

This event was an absolute must-attend. It was relevant to a much wider range of sectors, as it provided a unique forum for increasing interactions between industry, researchers and policy makers from a range of disciplines and market sectors, across supply chains. From senior representatives of government, major investors, top industry players and senior scientists to startup companies, product designers and SMEs as well as brilliant early career researchers, the showcase attracted a diverse audience from a range of disciplines and market sectors.