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Nov 23, 2017

The Materials Research Exchange & Investor Show case is delighted to welcome back Artis as a confirmed exhibitor for the 2018 event. We asked them why they were coming back and here's their reply:

“Artis were involved with supporting the concept of the MRE as we believe that one of the key issues for industry is simply finding out what is going on in the universities, from a research standpoint. How do we know who to engage with especially if they are new groups to the field?

The previous MRE was a great success and well attended by industry and academia. It gave a good overview of who is doing what. This enabled us to make key contacts in several areas and also to get our name out into the research community as industrial research providers.

We are very keen to grow our engagement in Collaborative R & D and we believe the niche expertise we bring can be critical to the funding opportunity as it doesn’t really exist in UK academia.

ARTIS fully supports the MRE which is why we have taken a stand and wish to see it grow as a regular event recognised by industry as a valuable networking and collaboration tool.”

Martyn Bennett  BSc FIMMM |  Chief Scientist